Carmen Andrés

Field investigator

Coming from Granada (Spain), Carmen has always been captivated by all marine living forms, especially marine mammals. She got her first academic approach in marine ecology during her BSc thesis which was about quantification and analysis of macro-invertebrates populations of the intertidal zone of Granada’s rocky shores.

After her Bsc in Biology, she moved to Barcelona to do a MSc on Oceanography and Marine Environmental Management. This provided her the opportunity in 2017 to participate as a volunteer in the Ionian Dolphin Project, which led to the development of her MSc. thesis on the effect of fish farming on the behavioral ecology of the bottlenose dolphin population in the Gulf of Ambracia. She has been collaborating in the project since then, getting experience in research methods including visual vessel-based surveys for cetaceans, individual photo–identification and behavioral sampling.

She has also been engaged in the oceanographic campaign, ran by Superior Council of Scientific Research in Spain (CSIC), UNIBARNA 2017, collecting biological, chemical, hydrographic and geological data in the coast of Barcelona. She has also participated as a instructor in a project created and developed in collaboration between the “Institute of Marine Sciences” (ICM-CSIC) and “Obra Social la Caixa” called “The deep sea”. This project brings knowledge about oceans into the educational field through didactic activities.

Carmen holds PADI Open Water Diver and a motor boating license. She has experience in scientific diving, giving her good command of sampling methods of marine benthos. Carmen speaks Spanish, Catalan, English, she has some knowledge of French and she is currently diving into Italian and Greek.