Research collaborations and coordinated scientific efforts

Many years conducting marine mammal research and conservation has allowed us to establish a worldwide network of friends and collaborators. On-going collaborations include the following research groups and institutions.

Testing and implementation of an autonomous remote monk seal monitoring system

The world’s longest-running study of a wild dolphin population (since 1970) helps us to investigate the effects of human impacts on Gulf of Ambracia’s Bottlenose Dolphins

Application of UAVs (drones) in marine mammal research including health condition assessment through photogrammetry, photoidentification and behavioural studies

Year-round passive acoustic monitoring of monk seals using SoundTraps as well as other possible sources of acoustic disturbance and ambient noise.

Public education and awareness initiatives; logistics support for monk seal monitoring in the Inner Ionian Sea Archipelago.

Monitoring Mediterranean monk seals in the Central Ionian Sea

Mediterranean monk seal research and conservation. Stakeholders involvement and development of conservation strategies

Institutional support/advice on marine mammals-fisheries interaction, national policy and development of conservation strategies.

The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to sample the blow microbiome of small cetaceans

Social media applied to marine mammal research and conservation. Design of public awareness and education campaigns. Fisheries interactions.

Cetacean strandings Emergency Response Team; marine mammal veterinary science advice.

Cetaceans monitoring in the Greek waters

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