Translating research into conservation action

Protecting the marine environment and its biodiversity involves the management of human activities; it is a process strongly driven by socioeconomics and politics. Science plays a very important supporting role. Hence, the Ionian Dolphin Project is actively working to provide robust scientific knowledge to help trigger marine conservation actions.

Our contributions include attracting decision-makers’ attention on emerging issues, proactive participation in international conservation efforts, and the proposal of place-based conservation measures such as the creation of marine protected areas.

Most recent activities include:

  • Collaboration with local/national and regional NGOs sharing same interests and conservation goals
  • Capacity building for fellow researchers from many different countries
  • Contribution to the review of the National Action Plan for the conservation of the bottlenose dolphin and the harbour porpoise in Greece for the Department of Natural Environment and Biodiversity Management of the Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy
  • Contribution to update the IUCN assessments on the conservation status of Mediterranean common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins
  • Participation on the drafting of the Action Plan for the Conservation of Cetaceans in the Mediterranean (as consultants for ACCOBAMS and SPA/RAC)
  • Providing scientific evidence for the designation of the Gulf of Ambracia and the Ionian Islands Archipelago as Important Marine Mammal Areas (IMMAs)

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