Public awareness

Committed to raise awareness and education on marine conservation

This website is not only an open window to the Ionian Dolphin Project activities but also to the conservation of marine mammals and the ocean in general. It is our main vector for raising public awareness and education on marine conservation issues.

Report sightings

In addition to provide education materials, guidelines for boaters and sea users on how to behave when coming across marine mammals at sea, this website offers a digital platform to report marine mammal sightings (i.e., citizen science programme) through a very user-friendly interface.

Nowadays the use of digital cameras, cell phones and other devices capable of recording easily several minutes of video, or to capture high quality digital images is widespread among all of us, and those spending time at sea are no exception. By using our on-line report sighting form, videos and images can be sent to us to facilitate additional information and to allow us to confirm the identification of the species reported. It also includes essential information about marine mammal species found in the Greek seas and identification tips.

Do not disturb marine mammals at sea

The number of charter boats and flotilla sailing holiday companies operating around the Ionian Islands has steadily increased during the last couple of decades. Together they pose a fleet of several hundred boats, regularly navigating the waters in this site of Greece. The resulting regular activity of this large fleet not only offers a huge potential for the recording of opportunistic cetacean sightings, but also calls for the design of adequate education and awareness initiatives addressed to boat users. The increase in boat traffic and the potential disturbance it generates pose a threat to marine mammal populations, which may cause unnecessary stress by disrupting the animal’s natural behaviours. Such threats can be minimised by applying a basic code of conduct when coming across a group of cetaceans or monk seals.

Current collaborations

Thanks to the collaboration with some charter companies, tour boats and sailing flotilla companies operating in the area, the Ionian Dolphin Project is sharing the marine mammal identification guide and the SMART marine mammal watching rules with the general public.

Any companies willing to collaborate in raising awareness can contact us

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