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Monk seal and octopus wrestling

Do not miss our observation of a lonely monk seal voraciously preying on an octopus.

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50+ dolphin sightings reported online!

The IDP has received already more than 50 dolphin sighting reports!! Please, do not give up on us; while sailing keep your eyes wide-open for an unusual splash at the horizon, for that “weird” concentration of seabirds in a certain spot, or for anything else that might indicate presence of dolphins… and report back to us.

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Ionian Dolphin Project in THE IONIAN magazine

Do not miss August’s issue of THE IONIAN magazine with an article about the Ionian Dolphin Project and our pioneer initiative about encouraging boaters to report their cetacean sightings to us.

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Naughty octopus

A bottlenose dolphins was observed yesterday in front of the island of Kalamos leaping out of the water with an unexpected guest attached to its belly. Do not miss it!

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There she blows!

This week we received our first two dolphin sighting reports submitted to us through our user-friendly REPORT A SIGHTING online form. A big thank you to Peter, Sally and David and their respective boat crews!

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A sperm whale

Dead sperm whale adrift

On Monday night, I received a phone call from our friend and colleague Alexandros Frantzis from the Pelagos Cetacean Research Institute. He had been contacted by the Lefkas Animal Welfare Society (LAWS) to report to him the presence of a “dead large cetacean floating and wrapped up on fishing gear in the coastal waters of western Lefkada”. On […]

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Best way to wrap-up the month of August

I must confess that every time we do a survey in the area of Kalamos, as we leave from the port of Mytikas, I stare at the island that majestically rises in front of us and I cannot avoid but to get momentarily lost in the memories of the good old days spent in our […]

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Great start in Kalamos

Today we had the first survey in the waters surrounding Kalamos Island, a Natura 2000 area also know as Inner Ionian Sea Archipelago. Those of you  familiar with our work in Western Greece already know that this area, a former hotspot for the endangered Mediterranean short-beaked common dolphin, has been heavily impacted by overfishing which […]

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Viewing dolphins as Taiji could show them

A very nice article featuring work by Tethys in the Amvrakikos Gulf, Greece, as well as an upcoming paper on compassionate feelings towards the sperm whales stranded in Italy in 2009: The article, written by Rowan Hooper, appeared in the Japan Times.

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Tethys research in the Amvrakikos Gulf featured in New Scientist

A couple of weeks ago, the online news editor from the renowned New Scientist Magazine – Rowan Hooper – joined the ‘Dolphins of Greece’ Project in the Amvrakikos Gulf. Hooper, thanks to an EarthWatch initiative, had the opportunity to spend nine days shoulder-to-shoulder with Tethys’ researchers Joan Gonzalvo and Iva Popovic. After this experience, Hooper […]

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