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Monk seal and octopus wrestling

Do not miss our observation of a lonely monk seal voraciously preying on an octopus.

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IONIAN DOLPHIN PROJECT / DOLPHINS OF GREECE Fellowship Community Volunteers 2012

In year 2012, the Earthwatch Community Volunteers Fellowship has given the opportunity to 5 young Greek scientist/students to join the Ionian Dolphin Project. This pioneer initiative in Greece has been possible thanks to the support of The Chesonis Family Foundation and Earthwatch.

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Best way to wrap-up the month of August

I must confess that every time we do a survey in the area of Kalamos, as we leave from the port of Mytikas, I stare at the island that majestically rises in front of us and I cannot avoid but to get momentarily lost in the memories of the good old days spent in our […]

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An unexpected encounter

The text below was written a few days ago by my friend and colleague Elena Politi. Back in 1993, with very little more than her enthusiasm and eagerness to study the dolphins inhabiting the beautiful waters of the eastern Ionian Sea, Elena established our first field base in the island of Kalamos and founded the Ionian […]

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Dolphins of Greece, volunteers 8-15 August

Dear Joan and Ioannis, working with you and the Earthwatch team of volunteers was a wonderful experience.  Everyone was kind and helpful and worked well together.  The dolphins were wonderful!  Thanks for sharing your expertise and being great team leaders. Lynne (USA) — How can one not be impressed by Greece? The sun, landscape, company […]

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Dolphins of Greece, volunteers 14-21 July

This trip has exceeded my expectations in every way! Joan and Ioannis are a terrific team to work with. Joan is serious and deeply passionate about his research and I cannot help but feel the same enthusiasm. He is a great teacher, all the while quick to smile and keeping a sense of humor about […]

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A "striping" incident in Kalamos

It was the beginning of the week for our new team of Earthwatch volunteers. One hour after leaving Mytikas, we came across a dolphin group on the eastern side Kalamos Island. Initially, we were surprised by the size of the group. They were about 20 individuals swimming quietly in a tight formation; something pretty rare […]

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Great start in Kalamos (II)

With our last team of Earthwatch volunteers we spent the first two days surveying the waters surrounding the beautiful island of Kalamos (Inner Ionian Sea Archipelago). The spirits were high after the short-beaked common dolphin sighting we had on our last day with the previous team. This time we did not find common dolphins, but […]

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Dolphins of Greece volunteers, 7-14 June 2011

Understanding that nature is unpredictable, I never expect much from any expedition. Despite the fact that we didn’t see any dolphins in our first day at Kalamos, we witnessed the amazing social interaction (e.g. leaping) of bottlenose dolphins in our second outing near the a local fish farm. Other activities like photo-id matching, watching documentaries and […]

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Dolphins of Greece volunteers, 29 May-4June 2011

Wonderful experience.  Each day was different and special.  The first day we saw up to 50-60 total dolphins; a wonderful way to begin.  The second day we saw only 2 but got to stay with them for about 2 hours to see a large variety of behaviors.  The last day was special as we left […]

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