Marina Costa

Marina Costa holds two MSc degrees in Biology and Environmental Policy and Economy (Statale University of Milan, Italy) and a PhD in Marine Biology (St Andrews University, Scotland, UK). She boasts a broad and long background in marine biology, working with marine benthic communities in the Mediterranean Sea from 1996 to 2004 at the Aquarium of Milan and since 2002 with cetaceans in several regions, including Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, North Sea and Red Sea.

Since 2002, Marina is a valuable collaborator of  Tethys Research Institute, where she has worked as principal field investigator in various projects. She first worked with the Ionian Dolphin Project between 2003-2010 and started to work with us again in 2015. Other Tethys’ projects in which her contribution has been key include the Strait of Messina Project (2005), the Venice Dolphin project (2002) and the Interreg III Project (2003-2005), all of them in Italian waters.

In 2006 she was the project manager and principal investigator for the project Dolphin Habitat Conservation and Sustainable Use, developed in the Egyptian Coastal Red Sea, focused on studying spinner dolphins Stenella longirostris abundance and residency patterns in the “resting area” of Samadai reef.

From 2010 to 2012 she was the Senior Marine Biologist and Consultant for the project Sustainable Development in the Southern Egyptian Red Sea, with the Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation (HEPCA), which studied abundance and distribution of marine mammals (cetaceans and dugong) in the southern Egyptian waters of the Red Sea using distance sampling methodology.

Marina professional interests are focused on cetacean abundance and habitat modelling with the aim of developing awareness, education and capacity building in the area where the project is focused. She is an experienced boat skipper, accomplished field cetologist and advanced scuba diver. Marina can speak Italian, English, French and some Modern Greek.