Dimitrios K. Moutopoulos

Dimitrios K Moutopoulos, born in Thessaloniki, Greece, is a fisheries biologist who main research interests are: the Integration, reconstruction, statistical analysis and data-quality of fisheries-related information in data-poor areas and the impacts on marine ecosystems by fisheries and aquaculture activities.

In particular, his professional background during the last 15 years, concerns two main areas; university and institutional bodies, thus building up on his scientific knowledge and research skills, and also the administration of the public sector and professional organizations, where he had the opportunity to put my theoretical knowledge in practice. Through his participation in European scientific projects and International partnerships, his working experience: (a) expands in a wide spatial scale across the Mediterranean coasts (i.e. Greece, Italy and Portugal), (b) is associated with various ecosystem types (i.e. freshwater systems, lagoons, coastal sea and open sea) and (c) includes the integration of a multidisciplinary information derived from history, socio-economy, fisheries ecology and anthropology. The key aspects of his expertise include the assessment of fisheries resources, fishing effort and socio-economic factors of fisheries dependent areas. His current working place is located near the Mesolonghi-Etoliko lagoons, where more than 50% of the total Greek lagoon fisheries production is derived, and are also in proximity to intensive aquaculture activities (Ionian Sea, where more than 35% of the overall Greek aquaculture production are derived). This gives me the opportunity to deal simultaneously with the conservation and management of fisheries and aquaculture in accordance with Common Fisheries Policy actions.

He participated to 14 projects (7 funded from European Union) and he has contributed to 25 papers in science citation journals, 7 papers in other peer-reviewed international journals, 4 publications in special editions and book chapters, 21 announcements in international congresses and co-authored 9 technical reports.

More details in: http://www.ydad.teimes.gr/moutop_e.html