Chiara Piroddi

Chiara Piroddi is a marine scientist and an ecosystem modeller with more than 10 years of experience in studying marine ecosystem dynamics, structures and associated anthropogenic impacts with a special focus on marine processes and functions of the Mediterranean Sea.

In particular, her previous experience dealt with modelling 1) marine ecosystems (e.g., Baltic Sea, Georgia Strait, Chesapeake Bay and Peru) under the impact of human activities and 2) coastal and marine ecosystem services (i.e., through the use of model derived indicators). She has been also applying ecosystem modelling tools to assess the ecosystem status of two areas of the Ionian Sea (the Inner Ionian Sea Archipelago and the Gulf of Ambracia) with a particular emphasis on dolphin and fisheries interaction and dolphin conservation. She is currently focused on assessing the whole Mediterranean marine ecosystem structure and function and implementing spatial and temporal dynamic simulations to evaluate the exploitation status of the Mediterranean Sea and explore different management policies in support of directives at international and EU level. She has more than 15 articles published in major international scientific journals and she has been participating in several research projects focused on marine biodiversity, ecological indicators, marine conservation and management(mainly European –e.g., FP7, Horizon 2020- and internationals – e.g., Global Ocean Modelling).