100 sightings reported online…THANK YOU!!!

The IDP website came to life about a year ago with the aim of increasing the interest about the conservation of cetaceans inhabiting the beautiful waters of the Ionian Sea. Our idea was to encourage residents, charter/flotillas sailing holiday operators and visitors to the area to report their sightings of cetaceans, through a user-friendly online form, while providing information on the cetacean species present in Greece and promoting a basic code of conduct (Be Dolphin SMART!) to minimize the potential adverse effects of our boats to the whales and dolphins.

I am glad to inform you that it seems as if we had succeeded; today we received our 100 sighting report!!!

The success in this pioneer initiative in Greek Ionian waters could not have been possible without the collaboration of  Sunsail (also offering logistical support), NeilsonSail IonianSailing HolidaysIsland Sailing. Our friends of the Restaurant Remezzo (Vonitsa) and also Vliho Yacht Club (Lefkada) are helping also to spread the word. KG medmarinas management group, owners of Marina Lefkas and Gouvia Marina, have also helped greatly by encouraging their clients to collaborate. Our friends from WWF-Greece, MOm and THE IONIAN magazine have played a key role in helping us to promote our website, as well as our research and public awareness and education activities. From this year we are also collaborating with Seafarer, Kiriakoulis and Odysseus. A big THANK YOU to all of them for their interest and generous help. Others willing to join in can contact us any time and we will get back to them ASAP.


Sunsail promoting “Sustainable Sailing”, the IDP sightings network and the Be Dolphin SMART campaign,

Everyone who has reported a sighting to us has been punctually contacted (all of them have provided an e-mail) and acknowledged for their collaboration. Many of them had not initially provided us any images or video but once contacted have been very diligent in providing us support material that has allowed us to confirm (or to identify) the species identity. I would like to take this opportunity to emphasize the importance of providing us, whenever possible, some images or videos of your dolphin sightings. Nowadays the use of digital cameras, cell phones and other devices capable of recording easily several minutes of video, or to capture high quality digital images is widespread among most of us. Using our online sighting form, links to your youtube videos and your image files can be easily attached to your report. See images below with some examples of the latest images received together with the dolphin reports.

Finally, I would like to thank each and everyone of you who has taken the time to share with us your dolphin experiences. Until today, 15th of July 2013, we have received reports from the following people: Adonis Maltezos, Adrian Preston, Anthony Bean, Boneca Verhagen, Bruce, Cavallieratos Spiros, David Gilbert, Diederik, Evert Dieperink, Giles Ferrier, Ian Molesworth, Ian Saxby, Irini Ourania Politi, Iris, James Scanlan, Jeff Pickett, Jürgen Fleissner, Kevin Jones, Koukoulioti Anastasia, Linda Paisley, Lisa Stansbie, Mandy Trusler, Neulinger Horst, Nick Baker, Nick walker, Oscar Poos, Pecher Francois, Peter Hudson, Peter little, Roberto Galanis, Rosemary Yeagle, Sophia Large, Stephen Prescott, Steve Clark, Tsiropoulas Nikos, Wouter Vlierman, Zsuzsanna Pereszlenyi, Phil Whailing, Anne Page, Barbara Taylor, Barry Curd, Bracy Mc Cormack & Colin Clutter, Caroline walker, David coney, David Hodge, David Roberts, Denbeigh, Emily and Tilly, Francois Pecher, Gael Mach, Gill Harbour, Ian Mill, James Hall , Jane Verikiou-Flinders, Joe Smith, Jim Smith, Sheila Parrington, John Hulstaart, John kicinski, Lewis Hoad, Lindy Rich, Lynn Shepherd, Maggie Taylor, Mats Hanson, Morag donaldson, Muehlbauer Peter, Natascha Cartolaro, Patrick Foley, Pearl James, Robin Lamb, Sfika Vasiliki, Sue and Wakefield.

We are looking forward to receive more information on sightings from you and your crew; and please, do not forget… Be Dolphin SMART!!


About Joan Gonzalvo

Joan Gonzalvo is the project manager and scientific coordinator of the Ionian Dolphin Project. He is a Catalan biologist whose main research interest is the conservation of the marine environment and, more specifically, the study and conservation of cetaceans.

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