One of those days…

Quoting what my colleague Ioannis told me right after the sighting we had yesterday, 21st of August, “this was one of those days…”. He was absolutely right. Sometimes images tell you more that any words we might think of; this is one of those occasions.

I just wanted to share this video. It has not been edited; it is a real-time sequence. However, the behavior showed in this footage lasted much longer that what is reflected in the video presented here. To avoid making it far too long it has been cut to fit “Águas de Março“, a beautiful Brazilian song composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim. I hope you enjoy it.





About Joan Gonzalvo

Joan Gonzalvo is the project manager and scientific coordinator of the Ionian Dolphin Project. He is a Catalan biologist whose main research interest is the conservation of the marine environment and, more specifically, the study and conservation of cetaceans.

3 Responses to “One of those days…”

  1. Ghaidaa Mohamad August 22, 2012 10:46 PM #

    The dolphins moved like they had that particular song in their heads all the while. A beautifully synchronized swim: go team dolphins!

  2. Elaine Massie August 24, 2012 8:39 AM #

    WOW! Absolutely amazing footage. They looked liked they were really enjoying themselves and I swear one was definitely looking up every now and then to see whether you guys were enjoying it as much. Thanks for sharing :-) PS was Dancing Queen in the group?

  3. Anna Thrift October 3, 2012 6:38 PM #

    Love the video. Wish mine could have been as good. Down to operator, as dolphins just as beautiful and agile and this footage sums up the experience. The music, fits to perfection. Thank you :-)

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