Ionian Dolphin Project in THE IONIAN magazine

Do not miss August’s issue of  THE IONIAN magazine with an article about the Ionian Dolphin Project. The article refers to our pioneer initiative about encouraging boaters to report their cetacean sightings to us and to promote a code of conduct about how to behave when encountering this charismatic creatures in their natural environment. The creation of this new website was prompted by the fact that the Ionian waters are increasingly exploited by sailing holidays flotilla companies and that boat traffic is pretty intense during the Summer months. The article “Yachtsmen support dolphin project” was written by Martin Stote. As it is stated in the article there are a number of Sailing flotilla companies that are already collaborating with the IDP to promote the collaboration of their clients in this initiative.

Sunsail Marina; Vounaki Resort, Paleros

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sunsail (also offering logistical support by providing us free mooring in their marina at Vounaki in Paleros, when we survey the Inner Ionian Sea Archipelago), Neilson, Sail Ionian and Sailing Holidays for their collaboration. Other companies willing to collaborate can contact us.


About Joan Gonzalvo

Joan Gonzalvo is the project manager and scientific coordinator of the Ionian Dolphin Project. He is a Catalan biologist whose main research interest is the conservation of the marine environment and, more specifically, the study and conservation of cetaceans.

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