Tethys research in the Amvrakikos Gulf featured in New Scientist

A couple of weeks ago, the online news editor from the renowned New Scientist Magazine – Rowan Hooper – joined the ‘Dolphins of Greece’ Project in the Amvrakikos Gulf.

Hooper, thanks to an EarthWatch initiative, had the opportunity to spend nine days shoulder-to-shoulder with Tethys’ researchers Joan Gonzalvo and Iva Popovic.

After this experience, Hooper wrote an article about the dolphins situation in the Amvrakikos Gulf and in the waters surrounding the island of Kalamos, where Tethys is studying dolphins since 1991.

Read the article: Dolphins make their last stand in the Mediterranean.

About Joan Gonzalvo

Joan Gonzalvo is the project manager and scientific coordinator of the Ionian Dolphin Project. He is a Catalan biologist whose main research interest is the conservation of the marine environment and, more specifically, the study and conservation of cetaceans.

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